5 Reasons Why LOL Coaching = Success

5 Reasons Why LOL Coaching = Success

If you want to excel at anything in life, you need a coach. When it comes to improving your League of Legends account, things are no different. Watching streams will only get you so far, as the advice they contain is generic. If you want to really reach the top, you need personalized instruction, and this is where an Veteran Boosters can help you achieve real success.

Identify Strengths AND Weaknesses
The first step in problem solving is identifying what the problem actually is. When it comes to spotting weaknesses, it is often easier to detect them in our teammates than in ourselves. An Veteran Boosters will give you a frank and honest assessment of both your strengths and your weaknesses.

A lecturer will spout useful information and it is up to you to try and remember it and apply it. A mentor, on the other hand, wants to help you achieve your real potential. An Veteran Boosters takes the time necessary to mentor their clients, making sure they are learning and improving, not just winning.

League of Legends is a strategy based game and the truth is, not everyone is born with a head for strategy. How are you at chess? If the answer is “excellent”, you’re already something of a military strategist. However, if your answer is “not so good”, then it may be that strategy isn’t your natural forte. But don’t lose heart. Emperor Napoleon was a brilliant military strategist, not by nature, but because he learnt from the great Generals of history. A LOL coach has already learnt through trial and error effective strategies for winning battles and they can impart this information to you.

Team Improvement
Some people argue against LOL coaching, saying that LOL is a team game, so there is little point in coaching an individual. But, as the saying goes,“what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Simply put, if you had to play a tennis doubles match and your partner was Roger Federer, don’t you think your chances of winning would have improved, regardless of your own skill? Life and business coaches list individual coaching as an excellent way of improving the team overall, because the one receiving the coaching will typically take greater responsibility for their own actions (less complaining that it was someone else’s fault), as well as working more productively with others.

Real Time Explanations

Just because you’ve read through a driving manual, it does not mean you’re ready to go out on the road on your own. A driving instructor shows you how the principles you’ve memorised on paper apply in the real world. A LOL coach can give you the same guidance. You may have read the advanced principles of League of Legends but that won’t automatically translate into game skill. A coach can point out the crucial moments during game play when you can put your carefully stored head knowledge to good use.

Veteran Boosters employs Diamond 1 and Challenger League of Legend pros, who will make it their mission to both ELO boost and educate you through your games, with the use of voice chat over TeamSpeak. Veteran Boosters has a variety of coaching packages available which can be tailored to suit your particular gaming needs.

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