5 Secrets Preventing You From Ranking Up!

5 Secrets Preventing You From Ranking Up In League Of Legends!

Character & Item Selection
You can learn all the tricks, skills, and strategies in the world. But if you don’t have the right character and build combination you will only be able to go so far! That is why you sometimes see pro player smurfs lose in low elo games while experimenting. Even with a massive skill difference you are still limited by the game itself. And part of those limits are what your character and items can do. If your setup is inefficient, you may be handicapping yourself and making yourself a lower rank than you deserve! And to make matters worse, streamers and pros at the highest elos have their characters and builds tuned for that peak rank. If you get 3 kills early game at challenger you just won the game. If you get 3 kills early at iron IV then you are behind. Which is why the pros tend to learn towards tactics that work in a game where all teammates and opponents are very hard to kill and farm very well. These setups WILL NOT work at other ranks. Because you can only get away with that type of strategy if you DO NOT have any feeders or leavers! And we all know how often that happens!

League of Legends is a strategy based game and the truth is, nobody is born knowing strategy. Strategies are learned. And when you play in ranks lower than the pros, you will never see these pro strategies in your games. So naturally you will never learn them. And even if you try to watch them in a youtube video they won’t translate correctly to the extreme differences of your elo. Like the pros say, solo queue and lan tournaments are completely different games. So imagine how much difference there is between high elo pro play and low elo solo queue. There is only one type of player that truly employs a different strategy for EVERY rank. And those are boosters. They are highly motivated to have the max winrate at all times because a high winrate = more orders done per week. They know all the tricks that work specifically at your elo! Which is why boosters are by far the best type of player to learn from. So if you REALLY want to improve and learn things that WORK you must learn from someone that plays at your rank seriously and frequently but also has the skill of a pro player!

One of the biggest problems you face while trying to improve is that you can only view yourself from a first person perspective. While your mistakes may be obvious to others, and while the mistakes of your team is obvious to you, it may be impossible to identify these things for yourself. Especially if that is how you learned to do it from the start. And even if someone tells you about it, you can’t take those comments seriously because 99% of the time, it’s just someone blaming you for their own mistakes. Which is why you need a neutral 3rd party to help you see things.

To put it simply, you can’t just copy someone else’s playstyle. It would work against how you naturally play. How you think, your habits, your tendencies… all these things will add up and make it near impossible for you to copy someone else. And if you try, then chances are your winrate will actually go down! The only way to truly improve is to take how you naturally play and mold it into something more efficient and powerful. You don’t have to change how you play. You just need to transform how you naturally play into the best it can be. You need someone with a lot of knowledge to learn your playstyle and use that knowledge to EMPOWER how you naturally play to levels you never thought possible.

Team Improvement
League is a team game. And how boosters view a team is very different than how a normal player or even a pro player views a team. A pro will always have a dependable team, a high elo player will have a reliable team, but a normal player will have neither a reliable or dependable team. Boosters know this and adapt to the current elo of the account by realizing there are some rules that apply to certain ranks, and at other ranks they are the complete opposite. And there are even tricks of the trade to FORCE your team to be as useful as possible. Because lets face it, sometimes this game feels like a roll of the dice. But boosters have many tricks to force team play. And their tactics factor in the reliability level of teammates in that rank. And these tactics are very useful while improving your skills. You can even make your team so efficient, that even winning with leavers become possible! 

The best way to fix these areas is to learn from someone that regularly plays at your elo and is always working to improve their own winrate at that specific elo. And the perfect type of person to help you with this would be a veteran booster! They understand the problems you face at your elo because they face the same problems every day! So why don’t you head over and give Duo Coaching a try? Just log in to the site after ordering a Duo Boost and let them know it’s for Duo Coaching!

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