Top 9 Ways to Display True LOL Sportsmanship

Top 9 Ways to Display True LOL Sportsmanship

Most people enjoy a bit of harmless banter during a good, competitive game, but all too often that “harmless” banter can turn toxic and can even destroy your gaming experience. If you’re not enjoying the game, then you’re not getting the most out of your LOL account. Some players may have overlooked (or forgotten) the ‘Summoners Code’ which, to quote directly from LOL: “Serves a blueprint for positive behaviour on and off the Fields of Justice.” Sportsmanship goes a long way to increasing your lol elo, and if you don’t want to put in the effort you can always get an elo boost!

Which is all well and good, but in practical terms, how do you meet the 9 lofty ideals held by the code?

‘Support Your Team’

Whether you like it or not, your ability to win or lose is bound up with that of your teammates. Try and make a conscious decision to be a means of positive support for your team.

‘Drive Constructive Feedback’

The key word here is ‘constructive’. Be straight forward and specific with your feedback, but don’t use this as an excuse to unleash your temper or take your frustrations out on someone else.

‘Facilitate Civil Discussion’

Whilst logged into your League of Legends account you will find plenty of people to interact with. No matter what topic you discuss, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you could benefit from listening to the opinions of others.

‘Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense’

The whole point of League of Legend accounts is for people to have fun. It’s exhilarating, it’s stressful and when the time comes to celebrate it’s not uncommon for people to get a bit carried away. But whilst you may consider an offhand remark to be nothing but playful, try and remember that total strangers may not understand a joke the way a close friend would

‘Build Relationships’

LOL is a team game, so the more rapport you build with other competitors, the more enjoyment and success you’ll reap in return. It’s simple enough to do – be polite and try and make friends.

‘Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat’

Few things feel as fantastic as a triumphant victory, but try and remember that on the other side of that win is a team that are feeling the frustration that comes with loss, so not to let your celebrations become obnoxious. Alternatively,if the game has been lost, acknowledge your own role in the defeat and try not to play the blame game with your teammates.

‘Be Resolute, not Indignant’

If you end up in a game with someone who is easily frustrated or who becomes abusive, there is no need to follow their form. A polite but firm request that they calm down may be all that is necessary. If all else fails use the ‘mute’ or ‘ignore’ commands.

‘Leave No Newbie Behind!’

Everyone was a newbie at some stage, including you! If you see someone struggling, try offering some helpful LOL coaching, instead of criticizing. If you find yourself getting frustrated with a newbie, try and remember how green you were when you first started.

‘Lead by Example’

No one is perfect, but if the existing gamers try and follow the principles of the code, then they’ll encourage new gamers to act the same way.


ELO Boost News: Jayce in the LCS

Recently, lightning has rained down upon the Rift all over the world of Summoner. But while the unleashed power of Xerath enthralls the west, the Thundering Strikes rocking the Southeast Asian mid lane’s come from a source that is considerably more modern.

Jayce’s finest supporters came in the positions of Saigon Fabulous Five and sib teams Saigon Jokers. Their individual midlaners, Optimus and Nixwater, have to say about the champion’s abilities – though they are not always in agreement.

Have hammer; will shove. Jayce’s toolkit enables him to be used practically everywhere, in terms of Optimus is concerned. “But he is extremely great with nearly every team makeup, because his abilities can be used to poke, shove, siege turrets and do blast damage.”

Optimus notes that, thanks to the reliance of Jayce on Strike Damage things, the champion is better suited than his mid lane counterparts to objects control. The Champion also notes a built-in matchup edge in the early degrees.

Nixwater is enthused as a pick that is general purpose, noting the champion has certain weak and powerful periods. “[Jayce] can snowball nicely and has edges in early Fight,” he Admits. “He is more powerful as opposed to present popular picks as he is extremely great in the laning period, and can zone out other champions.”

But the game expands past the first period that is laning, which is where the champion to lose somewhat luster is believed by Nixwater. “Jayce isn’t an excellent pick for defensive makeups and late compositions,” noted Nixwater. Himself also considers that the strengths of Jayce are only able to be be drawn out with situational awareness and great teamwork. Jayce can just push open the door – but it takes the remainder of his squad to experience. “To use Jayce’s power, the team must help him as much as possible.

Mid laners on the exact same page about the best way to calibrate it, although the Saigon them might differ on when best to let loose with the Mercury Hammer. You pump power into him – tons of electricity. Both concur that Symbols and Strike Damage Quintessences are the most effective thing to do, financing to the champion’s powerful first period that is laning.

Nevertheless, the diverge from that point. Optimus favors ensuring survivability with magic opposition Glyphs and armour Seals, but Nixwater prefers his utility. “And cooldown decrease for Glyphs.” With blue buff, the lane dominance of Jayce is kept up with a continuous hail of Jolt Gusts.

Optimus favors Jayce is built for by a committed offensive.

“Manamune and Last Whisper for almost any scenario,” affirmed Nixwater. Nevertheless, their views are split on a more recent inclusion to Jayce’s build alternatives.

“It is a great thing that’s all the stats Jayce wants,” summarized Nixwater. But Optimus is not quite sold on it.

“This thing isn’t yet successful for Jayce, therefore i do not believe it should be in his thing assembles,” differed Optimus.
Lately, the Vietnamese teams have discovered their Jayce abilities gathering dust – mostly because it keeps becoming prohibited away from them. The Taipei Assassins, present reigning kings had practically gone with no single loss through the whole summer divide. In their last regular season match, they ran head first into the Jokers’ top lane Jayce form, and promptly fell afoul of issues.

Although the Assassins are often understood for impeccable control that is objective, definitely in comparison they were outfought at their own game by the Jokers’ long range siege. Ever since then, they have made sure to prohibit the champion against the Jokers and Fantastic Five. The precaution is reasonable, when they give the opportunity to Optimus as indications are great that the champion’ll return to thorn then at Regionals.

“The Vietnam area has many youthful players, so that they have various playstyles compared to other areas,” said Optimus, describing the area’s fascination with the hammer-wielding champion. “Jayce is a powerful pick for mid lane, and can readily win his matchups.

The younger playerswill need to see if Jayce becomes a pick that is disputed during the final days. If himself does, anticipate the remaining world.


5 Secrets Preventing You From Ranking Up!

5 Secrets Preventing You From Ranking Up In League Of Legends!

Character & Item Selection
You can learn all the tricks, skills, and strategies in the world. But if you don’t have the right character and build combination you will only be able to go so far! That is why you sometimes see pro player smurfs lose in low elo games while experimenting. Even with a massive skill difference you are still limited by the game itself. And part of those limits are what your character and items can do. If your setup is inefficient, you may be handicapping yourself and making yourself a lower rank than you deserve! And to make matters worse, streamers and pros at the highest elos have their characters and builds tuned for that peak rank. If you get 3 kills early game at challenger you just won the game. If you get 3 kills early at iron IV then you are behind. Which is why the pros tend to learn towards tactics that work in a game where all teammates and opponents are very hard to kill and farm very well. These setups WILL NOT work at other ranks. Because you can only get away with that type of strategy if you DO NOT have any feeders or leavers! And we all know how often that happens!

League of Legends is a strategy based game and the truth is, nobody is born knowing strategy. Strategies are learned. And when you play in ranks lower than the pros, you will never see these pro strategies in your games. So naturally you will never learn them. And even if you try to watch them in a youtube video they won’t translate correctly to the extreme differences of your elo. Like the pros say, solo queue and lan tournaments are completely different games. So imagine how much difference there is between high elo pro play and low elo solo queue. There is only one type of player that truly employs a different strategy for EVERY rank. And those are boosters. They are highly motivated to have the max winrate at all times because a high winrate = more orders done per week. They know all the tricks that work specifically at your elo! Which is why boosters are by far the best type of player to learn from. So if you REALLY want to improve and learn things that WORK you must learn from someone that plays at your rank seriously and frequently but also has the skill of a pro player!

One of the biggest problems you face while trying to improve is that you can only view yourself from a first person perspective. While your mistakes may be obvious to others, and while the mistakes of your team is obvious to you, it may be impossible to identify these things for yourself. Especially if that is how you learned to do it from the start. And even if someone tells you about it, you can’t take those comments seriously because 99% of the time, it’s just someone blaming you for their own mistakes. Which is why you need a neutral 3rd party to help you see things.

To put it simply, you can’t just copy someone else’s playstyle. It would work against how you naturally play. How you think, your habits, your tendencies… all these things will add up and make it near impossible for you to copy someone else. And if you try, then chances are your winrate will actually go down! The only way to truly improve is to take how you naturally play and mold it into something more efficient and powerful. You don’t have to change how you play. You just need to transform how you naturally play into the best it can be. You need someone with a lot of knowledge to learn your playstyle and use that knowledge to EMPOWER how you naturally play to levels you never thought possible.

Team Improvement
League is a team game. And how boosters view a team is very different than how a normal player or even a pro player views a team. A pro will always have a dependable team, a high elo player will have a reliable team, but a normal player will have neither a reliable or dependable team. Boosters know this and adapt to the current elo of the account by realizing there are some rules that apply to certain ranks, and at other ranks they are the complete opposite. And there are even tricks of the trade to FORCE your team to be as useful as possible. Because lets face it, sometimes this game feels like a roll of the dice. But boosters have many tricks to force team play. And their tactics factor in the reliability level of teammates in that rank. And these tactics are very useful while improving your skills. You can even make your team so efficient, that even winning with leavers become possible! 

The best way to fix these areas is to learn from someone that regularly plays at your elo and is always working to improve their own winrate at that specific elo. And the perfect type of person to help you with this would be a veteran booster! They understand the problems you face at your elo because they face the same problems every day! So why don’t you head over and give Duo Coaching a try? Just log in to the site after ordering a Duo Boost and let them know it’s for Duo Coaching!


ELO Boost News: KT Arrows Intro

These men are comparatively unknown and they are going to confront Samsung Blue in the OGN finals. The guys will visit the Korean Regional yet, to discover the third place. If they would like to get there they will need to confront SKT T1 K or Samsung White, who’ll have a tiebreaker to see who needs to visit Regionals quite shortly.

Mid Lane: Rookie

A star rising, he is actually only behind SKT T1 Faker and Samsung Dade when it comes to ability that is raw. He is been improving, and with the remaining Arrows getting more consistent also. KaKAO is easily the greatest jungler at getting the early game wheeling for his team on earth, and it is Rookie which allows him to snowball the match. Rookie places lots of pressure on just about any mid laner he plays, bringing, jungler attention and enabling KaKAO to do whatever he needs. Rookie’s roams are what enables them to set forth silly leads against many powerful teams that are Korean. KTA can also be very great at teamfighting they seldom get behind on a good day. They are a really youthful squad, although they’ren’t as refined as Samsung Blue.

AD Carry: Arrow

He is had some really questionable operations, just like the KT Arrows in general. They have made it albeit in the bracket that was simpler. Nevertheless, they did a Najin Shield while the Arrows only accommodated better who came out hitting with some unorthodox strategy. They took a SKT S who happened to play from their heads, and get the chance to confront Samsung Blue down. Arrow can hold his own in lane, particularly against Deft as that is among the most powerful points of Arrow while it is among Deft’s poorest. That does not really mean Deft is not good in lane, yet he is the greatest teamfighting AD Carry in laning and the World while powerful is not his peculiarity.

Arrow and a good number of Draven really play, although recently he’s been going for more picks that are orthodox. Having said that, he is still quite comfy and is quite mechanically competent. He is capable to play fights out either late or early. He is also never overly competitive, making his play comparable to Sneaky.

ADC Arrow, as well as his duet partner Hachani, are a pair that is very threatening. They do not have the expertise or the titles that Imp and Mata claim, but I see these two becoming a few of the finest.

Support: Hachani

Hachani been the anchor of the team many times, although he is not Mata.

Her passive, her W is used by him, and her E can just do part of that time period.

He is perhaps the most consistent person in the team, and seldom fails to deliver. He is revealed to not do unable flake really difficult with respect to the champion or to get picks.

Top: ssumday

Since, ssumday continues to be considered a steady top and very powerful laner, even if he is no Save, Fire, or Bashful. He does sometimes have silly games in OGN contest, and he seldom appears to falter. He plays with an incredibly powerful a Renekton, specifically understood bruiser for tanky, -y champions with adequate damage result coupled with defences that are unbelievable. This itself makes him excellent for top lane play that is competitive, yet he is no Flame, and his occupation just is not to do what Flame does. He does nevertheless does whatever desired, to help out ADC Arrow and Mid Laner Rookie take control.

Jungle: KaKAO

Having said that, KaKAO is easily among the top 5 junglers in the planet, regularly giving farm for early ganks up. KTB turned out to be among the most effective junglers on earth soon after, and determined to throw him into the jungle.

KaKAO plays with a low-farm, high pressure fashion, with an extremely competitive game that is early. His occupation will be to get his lanes rolling from doing such and discontinue the enemy jungler, and is constantly on the move. For his Lee Sin play, that playstyle become well known with him, considered among the finest in Korea. His synergy with his bottom lane and Rookie enable KT A to win many matches, yet with those laners all involved not being the most seasoned, occasionally they only mess up. Having said that, KTA is revealing considerably more consistency and Winter OGN tournaments, and is on a huge upswing.


Reason to ELO Boost

Although you’re urgently attempting to enhance your elo but getting nowhere, it might be time to contemplate increasing services from professionals. It’s ensured to be quick and powerful and is not going to cause punishments or any compromise for your account.

You can transfer up into a higher division and get an increased win rate on bronze-gold area. You may also target the diamond league if you need without any issues whatsoever.

Elo boosting services use highly seasoned adversaries with elos that is remarkable to finish your hike quickly and efficiently. This provides you with an unbelievable chance to get a high seed efficiently and safely.

The Prices Vs. the Advantages

Players who want to know more about a League of Legends elo boost would need to quantify the costs versus the benefits. The price of an elo boost would naturally depend on your own order and it may be computed online. Fees are usually supplied on websites so you evaluate which would be your most suitable choice and can compare them.

The prices are really minimal considering the service’s advantages. Picture time and effort as you get the favorable effects it is possible to save, you’ve got dreamed about.

There’s actually no better option as a League of Legends elo boost ensures success in as little time as possible to enhance your elo than it.


ELO Boost News: Beta Changes Reviewed

ELO Boost News: Beta Changes Reviewed

One of the best ways to gain ELO is to keep up to date with the changes, and take advantage of them. Utilizing powerful trends and changes can have an immediate effect on your LoL ELO.


Foundation HP of spiderlings fell from 80 to 40

Even after some recent nerfs to both Lee Sin and Elise, they are still some of the top picks. Winners like Warwick, or Nunu have really powerful endure but they do not have difficult CC (pre-6 at least, in the situation of WW) for early ganks. Elise’s fashion of jungling is just not inferior to the farming-fashion of jungle play right now, because she can efficiently control the entire match with strong ganks/counterganks and eyesight. The more encouraging fashion of jungle has powerful ganking electricity when it comes to cc, but needs to rely on a laner’s damage and has low dueling potential.


Drunken Fury New Drunken Fury [ W ]

Foundation Damage fell from 20/50/80/110/ 140

Gragas is still the dominant top laner even this patch, and he just has lots of strengths with weaknesses that are little. Gragas still does lots of damage for champion that is naturally pretty tanky, and I believe without totally overpowering many lane matchups Riot needs to slowly shove him down into a state where he is tankier and can possibly still deal enough damage in lane.

Orianna is among the most powerful mid laners at the minute, however I believe she is already near-perfect when it comes to equilibrium. Any common matchups does not stomp, because cooldowns and her early damage are not at amounts that are silly. Orianna’s auto-strike harass can overpower melee champions early, and is quite powerful. I really believe that’s a great matter, needed to counter assassins who can burst any champion that is squishy down later on.


Base Mana Price rose to 100 from 75 at all positions
The Riftwalk of Kassadin has longer range than flash, if you are using it more frequently, and does damage, does more damage. Having probably the greatest getaway is a bit silly, but it is mana prices are high if you are using it frequently. By altering the time you have before the mana price is reset to wait, you are compelled to take a danger of using mana but may not possess the mana to get yourself out alive. Makes Kassadin post that is considerably less safe -6.
Base Motion Rate reduced from 330 to 325


Bonus damage to Champs fell at all levels from 125% to 75/100/125%

Kog’Maw is an extremely safe with all his skills can kite pretty nicely even though he does not always need to with such high range, and particularly later on into the game.


325 fell 325 to 155/240/

Morgana does a ton of damage for really little drawbacks, and a support with such high utility. Both Black Binding and Soul Shackles are a few of the greatest damaging, really hefty CC skills in the game. Due to that, there is no requirement for Morgana particularly after other supports have been nerfed lately to do so much damage.


Thrill of the Hunt New Thrill [ R ]

Cooldown rose to 150 from 120/95/70 seconds /110/70

Rengar, although not seeing success has quite low cooldown on his ultimate, which allows for a reasonably dependable and is a powerful pick globally participate provided the team at hand is effective at using it efficiently. This would normally mean using other skills to follow hard and up -CC the enemy (ies) on.


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ELO Boost News: SK Vs Alliance Review

SK Gaming and Alliance will play during the first (Friday, August 15th 2PM GMT, 7AM PDT). SK Gaming continues to be looking for an opportunity to usurp the top place for two schisms now, while Alliance is considered the team to beat in Europe. They seemed to have fallen off into summer time split’s regular season, yet revealed a state that was rejuvenated when they took down Roccat 3- without breaking a sweat.

A Creature and A Dark Horse
If Alliance just ruined them in the first 15 minutes they will not come back. Additionally, the players of Alliance (that is for the most part) have more expertise in high pressure scenarios. Shook’s conduct and approach appears to give off a sense he does not care whether it is against XDG or against SKT. Tabzz has said to be pretty confident, and Nyph has enough expertise in comparison with the present SK Roll.

Alliance’s strengths lay, nicely everywhere. SK Gaming can pull great fights out, but they’re generally more dirty in performance of strategy. SK did that to Roccat three times, and revealed now that a team can be still fully outmaneuvered by them. They did not need to play from a disadvantage in lane however, and that is going to be a challenge.

The stars of the show are Froggen and Tabzz, both of whom are readily worldclass. Candypanda and Tabzz can compete, but Tabzz is undoubtedly mechanically more powerful, let alone their bottom lane being more powerful. Froggen will readily hold an edge over Jesiz, who is no slouch but it will be really difficult for him to take such a renowned player down. Freddy112 and wickd will be pretty close and it will be determined by the champ picks sensibly, but Trembled has to worry about those two stars down in base and middle while Svenskaren can concentrate a bit more attempt on top lane.

Forecast: 3-1 Alliance”>>SK Gaming


ELO Boost News: Why Zilean is amazing

ELO Boost News: Why Zilean is amazing

Look at this guy.

The guy’s old, he doesn’t actually walk, and his grip on the notion of time is…perhaps not the best. Guy is sort of messed-up.

And however, the gold is pulled in by him like it’s nothing. Kind of messed rolls in glowing AP items’ bling, only using that power to pick up supports and even more kills. What is more, he uses that skrilla to help his buds out. Want to impress that special someone? Take an example from your Zilean that is loving himself. He’s swimming in-love. The masters understand this, from Faker to Overpow to Bjergsen. They have all taken the Chronokeeper into the mid lane, knowing that he’s the man for the job.

So how does an old, goofy-looking guy do it? Well, with five steps that are simple.

1. You only live

We’ve all noticed the classic story of a hero shoving somebody out of the way of an on coming bus, only to have the saved fall deeply in-love with their savior. Zilean pulls that move every. single. game. Is that Kassadin careening headlong into your Lucian? Boom, ulted. Boom, saved. Zilean will have all of your love and tenderness please. Much appreciated.

2. Hit’ em once, two times

Zilean’s got your back. Hit that watch as your mistakes and Rewind fade away into yesteryear. If time is money Zilean makes absolute bank every single-time the cool-down on his W is up. Think of it like this: a-bomb is an investing. Occasionally, you make a terrible one. Then, you press on Rewind, and today you’ve got some insider trading information to get rich quick. Zilean congratulations, is now alternative reality Biff from Back to the Future 2.

3. Wingman

Zilean isn’t unselfish with the love. He’s a lot more than willing to wingman for his buds if they desire only a little help in the love department. Just like any great wing-man, he inspires confidence facing failure. But unlike wingmen, he can truly make you a bombshell. Literally. Get within, pal, you’re bomb. Literally. Uh, again.

4. Cool runnings

One time, Zilean bet all his savings on a footrace with a global-class sprinter. He beat them, who it was doesn’t matter. How? He is Zilean. Due to a pleasant small speed buff from his Rewind, his money doubled and floated away victorious. Not too shabby for a guy who does not even use his legs.

We’re also hearing rumours that Zilean may begin entering horse races. Get your wagers in now.

5. Facial hair is trendy

Beards are not so cold right now. Who can you believe started that special craze, Father Christmas? Nah, guy, it was Zilean. Due to his time tinkering, he’s basically been around since the start of fashion, creating his chin hairs the accessory that is manly that is first. Eat your heart out, ZZ Top.

Come to feel of it, this doesn’t actually have any bearing on how Zilean can help you. But hey, if you can grow a beard, may as well choose it. All jokes aside, Zilean is quickly becoming a highly contested pick so buy an ELO Boost and let our pros show you how it’s done!


Learn from the pros – Learn your role!

At Veteran Boosters we only employ pro players, and today they are going to be taking the time to break down the roles for you!


The Mid Lane

The mid lane has a lot on their shoulders. They are responsible for staying competitive in their lane and dueling while avoiding ganks. The key to being a good mid laner is balancing that while babysitting other lanes. You play a crucial role in rotation for team fights and helping struggling lanes. There are 3 types of prevalent mid lane picks the Assassin such as Zed or Fizz, the utility pick such as Lulu, and the AOE champ such as Ziggs or Xerath.

The Jungler

Just like the mid laner you have a lot of pressure when you choose to be the jungler, you must balance creeping and ganking. Focusing too much on ganks and being unsuccessful will put you far behind and leave you vulnerable to counter jungling especially if the other jungle has snowballed more than you. Your key objective is to help snowball the winning lanes and babysit the losing lanes.

The Top Lane

Top lane is the most isolated lane in the game, and if you fall behind it can be very hard to come back. You need be very cautious, and ward often. The typical top lane picks are tanky bruisers such as Renekton or Shyvana with the occasionally AP such as Ryze or Lulu. Your job is to farm as much as possible, take advantage of opportunities to shove lane and get as big as you can for late game.


ADC’s don’t tend to do a whole lot until late game. Your job as support is to provide an opportunity for your AD Carry to thrive early and babysit him with clutch plays and wards.

Attack Damage Carry

As the ADC you need to focus on farming early, look for opportunities where you might have a short level advantage or a gank to snowball your lane. Your early goal is to grab the bottom tower, hopefully an early dragon and then rotate mid and take that tower down as well.

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Top 10 Professional Champion Mains

Want to play with the pros?

We’ll help you reach the next division, and have you playing like the pros in no time! Get your ELO Boost now.

#1 – Xiyang’s Dominant Syndra:

This guy was relatively unknown coming into the All Stars compared to some of the bigger Chinese names, and he proved all the haters wrong. His Syndra play is remarkable, he’s able to consistently land max range stuns and cycle his orbs effectively. We’ve never seen any other player in the world play Syndra as perfectly as Xiyang.

#2 – InSec’s Innovative Lee Sin:

What Boxbox is to Riven, InSec is to Lee Sin. He has contributed to coming up with most of the Lee Sin fundamentals. He came up with the wall ward jumps, using Q to escape, and most famously utilizing his Q with Dragon Rage to kick someone into his team and initiate a powerful gank or fight.

#3 – Faker’s Scary Zed:

Faker has proven to be one of the best Mid players in the world, and watching his Zed demonstrates his prowess to dominate the dueling phase. His awareness and mobility is key to his success utilizing his shadow mastery to outplay his opponents positionally.

#4 – Uzi’s Vayne:

Uzi has shown time and time again that he is one of the best ADC’s around and Royal Club has depended on his clutch play and positioning to keep competitive. His Vayne puts Doublelift to shame!

#5 – xPeke’s Kassadin:

Everyone remembers his clutch Kassadin play during the 2013 quarter finals, but his aggressive Kass play is frustrating for the best teams! His timing and overall awareness make him an especially dangerous Kass player who has no problem jumping in and out of teamfights.

#6 – Alex Ich’s Ryze:

We all know that Alex loves Ryze and you can see in his play the amount of time he has dedicated to mastering the champion. Even when faced with Ryze’s relatively low range he is generally able to snowball due to his patience and knowledge of match ups.

#7 – Dade’s Yasuo:

Dade’s Yasuo is an absolute terror to play again. He is great at utilizing split pushing to turn a game and his use of Sweeping Blade to do everything from going over walls or dodge skillshots is mesmerizing.

#8 – Madlife’s Thresh:

How could we have a top list and not include Madlife?! His hooks have shocked his opponents and left spectators in awe making him a constant thread for his enemies. He also is a master of using his lantern for clever ganks and escapes.