ELO Changes Reviewed


ELO Boost News: Beta Changes Reviewed

ELO Boost News: Beta Changes Reviewed

One of the best ways to gain ELO is to keep up to date with the changes, and take advantage of them. Utilizing powerful trends and changes can have an immediate effect on your LoL ELO.


Foundation HP of spiderlings fell from 80 to 40

Even after some recent nerfs to both Lee Sin and Elise, they are still some of the top picks. Winners like Warwick, or Nunu have really powerful endure but they do not have difficult CC (pre-6 at least, in the situation of WW) for early ganks. Elise’s fashion of jungling is just not inferior to the farming-fashion of jungle play right now, because she can efficiently control the entire match with strong ganks/counterganks and eyesight. The more encouraging fashion of jungle has powerful ganking electricity when it comes to cc, but needs to rely on a laner’s damage and has low dueling potential.


Drunken Fury New Drunken Fury [ W ]

Foundation Damage fell from 20/50/80/110/ 140

Gragas is still the dominant top laner even this patch, and he just has lots of strengths with weaknesses that are little. Gragas still does lots of damage for champion that is naturally pretty tanky, and I believe without totally overpowering many lane matchups Riot needs to slowly shove him down into a state where he is tankier and can possibly still deal enough damage in lane.

Orianna is among the most powerful mid laners at the minute, however I believe she is already near-perfect when it comes to equilibrium. Any common matchups does not stomp, because cooldowns and her early damage are not at amounts that are silly. Orianna’s auto-strike harass can overpower melee champions early, and is quite powerful. I really believe that’s a great matter, needed to counter assassins who can burst any champion that is squishy down later on.


Base Mana Price rose to 100 from 75 at all positions
The Riftwalk of Kassadin has longer range than flash, if you are using it more frequently, and does damage, does more damage. Having probably the greatest getaway is a bit silly, but it is mana prices are high if you are using it frequently. By altering the time you have before the mana price is reset to wait, you are compelled to take a danger of using mana but may not possess the mana to get yourself out alive. Makes Kassadin post that is considerably less safe -6.
Base Motion Rate reduced from 330 to 325


Bonus damage to Champs fell at all levels from 125% to 75/100/125%

Kog’Maw is an extremely safe with all his skills can kite pretty nicely even though he does not always need to with such high range, and particularly later on into the game.


325 fell 325 to 155/240/

Morgana does a ton of damage for really little drawbacks, and a support with such high utility. Both Black Binding and Soul Shackles are a few of the greatest damaging, really hefty CC skills in the game. Due to that, there is no requirement for Morgana particularly after other supports have been nerfed lately to do so much damage.


Thrill of the Hunt New Thrill [ R ]

Cooldown rose to 150 from 120/95/70 seconds /110/70

Rengar, although not seeing success has quite low cooldown on his ultimate, which allows for a reasonably dependable and is a powerful pick globally participate provided the team at hand is effective at using it efficiently. This would normally mean using other skills to follow hard and up -CC the enemy (ies) on.


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Learn from the pros – Learn your role!

At Veteran Boosters we only employ pro players, and today they are going to be taking the time to break down the roles for you!


The Mid Lane

The mid lane has a lot on their shoulders. They are responsible for staying competitive in their lane and dueling while avoiding ganks. The key to being a good mid laner is balancing that while babysitting other lanes. You play a crucial role in rotation for team fights and helping struggling lanes. There are 3 types of prevalent mid lane picks the Assassin such as Zed or Fizz, the utility pick such as Lulu, and the AOE champ such as Ziggs or Xerath.

The Jungler

Just like the mid laner you have a lot of pressure when you choose to be the jungler, you must balance creeping and ganking. Focusing too much on ganks and being unsuccessful will put you far behind and leave you vulnerable to counter jungling especially if the other jungle has snowballed more than you. Your key objective is to help snowball the winning lanes and babysit the losing lanes.

The Top Lane

Top lane is the most isolated lane in the game, and if you fall behind it can be very hard to come back. You need be very cautious, and ward often. The typical top lane picks are tanky bruisers such as Renekton or Shyvana with the occasionally AP such as Ryze or Lulu. Your job is to farm as much as possible, take advantage of opportunities to shove lane and get as big as you can for late game.


ADC’s don’t tend to do a whole lot until late game. Your job as support is to provide an opportunity for your AD Carry to thrive early and babysit him with clutch plays and wards.

Attack Damage Carry

As the ADC you need to focus on farming early, look for opportunities where you might have a short level advantage or a gank to snowball your lane. Your early goal is to grab the bottom tower, hopefully an early dragon and then rotate mid and take that tower down as well.

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Top 10 Professional Champion Mains

Want to play with the pros?

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#1 – Xiyang’s Dominant Syndra:

This guy was relatively unknown coming into the All Stars compared to some of the bigger Chinese names, and he proved all the haters wrong. His Syndra play is remarkable, he’s able to consistently land max range stuns and cycle his orbs effectively. We’ve never seen any other player in the world play Syndra as perfectly as Xiyang.

#2 – InSec’s Innovative Lee Sin:

What Boxbox is to Riven, InSec is to Lee Sin. He has contributed to coming up with most of the Lee Sin fundamentals. He came up with the wall ward jumps, using Q to escape, and most famously utilizing his Q with Dragon Rage to kick someone into his team and initiate a powerful gank or fight.

#3 – Faker’s Scary Zed:

Faker has proven to be one of the best Mid players in the world, and watching his Zed demonstrates his prowess to dominate the dueling phase. His awareness and mobility is key to his success utilizing his shadow mastery to outplay his opponents positionally.

#4 – Uzi’s Vayne:

Uzi has shown time and time again that he is one of the best ADC’s around and Royal Club has depended on his clutch play and positioning to keep competitive. His Vayne puts Doublelift to shame!

#5 – xPeke’s Kassadin:

Everyone remembers his clutch Kassadin play during the 2013 quarter finals, but his aggressive Kass play is frustrating for the best teams! His timing and overall awareness make him an especially dangerous Kass player who has no problem jumping in and out of teamfights.

#6 – Alex Ich’s Ryze:

We all know that Alex loves Ryze and you can see in his play the amount of time he has dedicated to mastering the champion. Even when faced with Ryze’s relatively low range he is generally able to snowball due to his patience and knowledge of match ups.

#7 – Dade’s Yasuo:

Dade’s Yasuo is an absolute terror to play again. He is great at utilizing split pushing to turn a game and his use of Sweeping Blade to do everything from going over walls or dodge skillshots is mesmerizing.

#8 – Madlife’s Thresh:

How could we have a top list and not include Madlife?! His hooks have shocked his opponents and left spectators in awe making him a constant thread for his enemies. He also is a master of using his lantern for clever ganks and escapes.


Doom Bots of Doom

Have you ever wanted to play the most insane bots ever created? Well Riot has outdone themselves once again by releasing the hardest bots ever. These bots dubbed the “Doom Bots” can utilize even better deadly abilities that can quickly overwhelm you. When you play against the Doom Bots you get a free Summoner Icon just for participating. (These rewards can take a few days to be added to your account)


The key to success against the doom bots is utilizing the jungle to your advantage. They don’t properly play the jungle so you can take advantage of this by taking both blue buffs.

Imagine if some of these insane champion combinations ever came live?

-Doom Morgana has Eve’s passive, can go invisible and create clones just like Shaco.

-Doom Galio’s Qs shoot in a full circle and taunt you.

-Doom Lux has pantheon shield passive and both her ult and binding fill the screen.

-Doom Annie sends Hecarim ults to everyone around her and her Tibbers is gigantic.

-Doom Malzahar has Swain ultimate.

-Doom Amumu’s Despair has started making everything near him sad too. So very sad. All allied units within range of Doom Amumu cry in sympathy with him. His Curse of the Sad Mummy now also reaches further.

-Doom Cho’Gath grows in power as he grows in size. As he gains stacks of Feast, his Rupture and Feral Scream grow larger.

-Doom Wukong’s Nimbus Strike creates additional clones which knock enemies into the air when disappearing. His Cyclone also summons Decoys that spin alongside him.


And these are just some of the abilities that they can perform. They can get various doom bonuses to make them even more terrifying!


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