Have you ever wanted to play the most insane bots ever created? Well Riot has outdone themselves once again by releasing the hardest bots ever. These bots dubbed the “Doom Bots” can utilize even better deadly abilities that can quickly overwhelm you. When you play against the Doom Bots you get a free Summoner Icon just for participating. (These rewards can take a few days to be added to your account)


The key to success against the doom bots is utilizing the jungle to your advantage. They don’t properly play the jungle so you can take advantage of this by taking both blue buffs.

Imagine if some of these insane champion combinations ever came live?

-Doom Morgana has Eve’s passive, can go invisible and create clones just like Shaco.

-Doom Galio’s Qs shoot in a full circle and taunt you.

-Doom Lux has pantheon shield passive and both her ult and binding fill the screen.

-Doom Annie sends Hecarim ults to everyone around her and her Tibbers is gigantic.

-Doom Malzahar has Swain ultimate.

-Doom Amumu’s Despair has started making everything near him sad too. So very sad. All allied units within range of Doom Amumu cry in sympathy with him. His Curse of the Sad Mummy now also reaches further.

-Doom Cho’Gath grows in power as he grows in size. As he gains stacks of Feast, his Rupture and Feral Scream grow larger.

-Doom Wukong’s Nimbus Strike creates additional clones which knock enemies into the air when disappearing. His Cyclone also summons Decoys that spin alongside him.


And these are just some of the abilities that they can perform. They can get various doom bonuses to make them even more terrifying!


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