Why should I get a boost?

Customers often climb on their own after getting good teammates. Sometimes you just need someone to unstuck you from that elo first.

What level are your boosters?

Our boosters are ranked Master and Challenger.

Is the service safe to use?

Of course. The only reason our Master and Challenger level boosters agree to do this is because they know their accounts will not get banned either. The service is 100% safe to use.

What about account security?

Riot has implemented a system called “Riot Email Verify” that prevents accounts from being hacked or stolen. Since boosters can not change your settings or password, your account is 100% secure.

How fast will the order be completed??

That varies depending on what Elo the order is and how many divisions you get. But due to the unusually high skill level of our players, it is done much faster than other services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Creditcard and Bitcoin transactions using our own secure payment system.

What is your refund policy?

You will never need a refund, so we don’t offer it. We guarantee each order with unlimited booster upgrades until the account is finished. This ensures a 100% success rate.