At Veteran Boosters we only employ pro players, and today they are going to be taking the time to break down the roles for you!


The Mid Lane

The mid lane has a lot on their shoulders. They are responsible for staying competitive in their lane and dueling while avoiding ganks. The key to being a good mid laner is balancing that while babysitting other lanes. You play a crucial role in rotation for team fights and helping struggling lanes. There are 3 types of prevalent mid lane picks the Assassin such as Zed or Fizz, the utility pick such as Lulu, and the AOE champ such as Ziggs or Xerath.

The Jungler

Just like the mid laner you have a lot of pressure when you choose to be the jungler, you must balance creeping and ganking. Focusing too much on ganks and being unsuccessful will put you far behind and leave you vulnerable to counter jungling especially if the other jungle has snowballed more than you. Your key objective is to help snowball the winning lanes and babysit the losing lanes.

The Top Lane

Top lane is the most isolated lane in the game, and if you fall behind it can be very hard to come back. You need be very cautious, and ward often. The typical top lane picks are tanky bruisers such as Renekton or Shyvana with the occasionally AP such as Ryze or Lulu. Your job is to farm as much as possible, take advantage of opportunities to shove lane and get as big as you can for late game.


ADC’s don’t tend to do a whole lot until late game. Your job as support is to provide an opportunity for your AD Carry to thrive early and babysit him with clutch plays and wards.

Attack Damage Carry

As the ADC you need to focus on farming early, look for opportunities where you might have a short level advantage or a gank to snowball your lane. Your early goal is to grab the bottom tower, hopefully an early dragon and then rotate mid and take that tower down as well.

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