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Your order has been created. The username & password will be your payment email address + league account password that you just entered.
If you have any trouble logging in, you may reset the password by clicking “Lost Password”

The average wait time to get a booster is 1-7 days for Solo orders and slightly longer for Duo orders (higher elo orders / busier season = longer wait)
(The final weeks of the season have the longest wait time and preseason has the shortest wait time)

You can play normal matches while you wait for a booster. But once the boost starts, do not log in to your League of Legends account until the boost is complete


If you ordered a Solo boost, you all you have to do now is wait. The order will start automatically as you move up in line. No further input or contact is required
We will not email you, and you do not need to contact us to start the order. It will happen automatically once it is your turn

If you ordered a Duo boost, log in to the site and let us know your schedule in the chat. We will email you once a booster is online and ready to duo
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