Top 9 Ways to Display True LOL Sportsmanship

Top 9 Ways to Display True LOL Sportsmanship

Most people enjoy a bit of harmless banter during a good, competitive game, but all too often that “harmless” banter can turn toxic and can even destroy your gaming experience. If you’re not enjoying the game, then you’re not getting the most out of your LOL account. Some players may have overlooked (or forgotten) the ‘Summoners Code’ which, to quote directly from LOL: “Serves a blueprint for positive behaviour on and off the Fields of Justice.” Sportsmanship goes a long way to increasing your lol elo, and if you don’t want to put in the effort you can always get an elo boost!

Which is all well and good, but in practical terms, how do you meet the 9 lofty ideals held by the code?

‘Support Your Team’

Whether you like it or not, your ability to win or lose is bound up with that of your teammates. Try and make a conscious decision to be a means of positive support for your team.

‘Drive Constructive Feedback’

The key word here is ‘constructive’. Be straight forward and specific with your feedback, but don’t use this as an excuse to unleash your temper or take your frustrations out on someone else.

‘Facilitate Civil Discussion’

Whilst logged into your League of Legends account you will find plenty of people to interact with. No matter what topic you discuss, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you could benefit from listening to the opinions of others.

‘Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense’

The whole point of League of Legend accounts is for people to have fun. It’s exhilarating, it’s stressful and when the time comes to celebrate it’s not uncommon for people to get a bit carried away. But whilst you may consider an offhand remark to be nothing but playful, try and remember that total strangers may not understand a joke the way a close friend would

‘Build Relationships’

LOL is a team game, so the more rapport you build with other competitors, the more enjoyment and success you’ll reap in return. It’s simple enough to do – be polite and try and make friends.

‘Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat’

Few things feel as fantastic as a triumphant victory, but try and remember that on the other side of that win is a team that are feeling the frustration that comes with loss, so not to let your celebrations become obnoxious. Alternatively,if the game has been lost, acknowledge your own role in the defeat and try not to play the blame game with your teammates.

‘Be Resolute, not Indignant’

If you end up in a game with someone who is easily frustrated or who becomes abusive, there is no need to follow their form. A polite but firm request that they calm down may be all that is necessary. If all else fails use the ‘mute’ or ‘ignore’ commands.

‘Leave No Newbie Behind!’

Everyone was a newbie at some stage, including you! If you see someone struggling, try offering some helpful LOL coaching, instead of criticizing. If you find yourself getting frustrated with a newbie, try and remember how green you were when you first started.

‘Lead by Example’

No one is perfect, but if the existing gamers try and follow the principles of the code, then they’ll encourage new gamers to act the same way.

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