ELO Boost News: Why Zilean is amazing

ELO Boost News: Why Zilean is amazing

Look at this guy.

The guy’s old, he doesn’t actually walk, and his grip on the notion of time is…perhaps not the best. Guy is sort of messed-up.

And however, the gold is pulled in by him like it’s nothing. Kind of messed rolls in glowing AP items’ bling, only using that power to pick up supports and even more kills. What is more, he uses that skrilla to help his buds out. Want to impress that special someone? Take an example from your Zilean that is loving himself. He’s swimming in-love. The masters understand this, from Faker to Overpow to Bjergsen. They have all taken the Chronokeeper into the mid lane, knowing that he’s the man for the job.

So how does an old, goofy-looking guy do it? Well, with five steps that are simple.

1. You only live

We’ve all noticed the classic story of a hero shoving somebody out of the way of an on coming bus, only to have the saved fall deeply in-love with their savior. Zilean pulls that move every. single. game. Is that Kassadin careening headlong into your Lucian? Boom, ulted. Boom, saved. Zilean will have all of your love and tenderness please. Much appreciated.

2. Hit’ em once, two times

Zilean’s got your back. Hit that watch as your mistakes and Rewind fade away into yesteryear. If time is money Zilean makes absolute bank every single-time the cool-down on his W is up. Think of it like this: a-bomb is an investing. Occasionally, you make a terrible one. Then, you press on Rewind, and today you’ve got some insider trading information to get rich quick. Zilean congratulations, is now alternative reality Biff from Back to the Future 2.

3. Wingman

Zilean isn’t unselfish with the love. He’s a lot more than willing to wingman for his buds if they desire only a little help in the love department. Just like any great wing-man, he inspires confidence facing failure. But unlike wingmen, he can truly make you a bombshell. Literally. Get within, pal, you’re bomb. Literally. Uh, again.

4. Cool runnings

One time, Zilean bet all his savings on a footrace with a global-class sprinter. He beat them, who it was doesn’t matter. How? He is Zilean. Due to a pleasant small speed buff from his Rewind, his money doubled and floated away victorious. Not too shabby for a guy who does not even use his legs.

We’re also hearing rumours that Zilean may begin entering horse races. Get your wagers in now.

5. Facial hair is trendy

Beards are not so cold right now. Who can you believe started that special craze, Father Christmas? Nah, guy, it was Zilean. Due to his time tinkering, he’s basically been around since the start of fashion, creating his chin hairs the accessory that is manly that is first. Eat your heart out, ZZ Top.

Come to feel of it, this doesn’t actually have any bearing on how Zilean can help you. But hey, if you can grow a beard, may as well choose it. All jokes aside, Zilean is quickly becoming a highly contested pick so buy an ELO Boost and let our pros show you how it’s done!

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